Solutions for Publishers

Maximize your revenue.

Our ad solutions are designed using direct feedback from our publisher community to ensure you can run your business with greater precision and effectiveness.

Take control

Our proprietary programmatic header bidding technology gives you access to robust analytics, a diagnostic tool set, and the ability to manage demand partners through intuitive UI, so you can have full control of your ad stack and monetization strategy.

Premium Demand

Access our global marketplace of direct, premium advertisers to bolster your revenue, drive more bid competition, and ensure quality and safety for your end users.

Smart, Strategic Service

Our industry experts are here to support you. Pre- and post activation, our team will guide you through technical setup, performance optimization, marketplace trends and provide deep analytics. We make integration seamless and simple, providing ongoing service to support our partners.

Publisher Benefits

  • Maximize revenue potential
  • Increase bid density on your ad inventory
  • Attract more premium buyers
  • Improve the value of your ad inventory
  • Highest standards of ad quality and creative protections
  • Deep insights and transparency
  • Reduced latency and higher execution times
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