Transparent Marketplace

Ensure a higher share of your media budget reaches premium publisher inventory.

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EMX’s Transparent Marketplace provides full visibility into the programmatic supply chain.

Rather than blindly surrendering their media budget to a series of opaque fees throughout the programmatic supply chain, buyers pay one transparent negotiated rate. This creates a unique transparency into exactly how much of their CPM is going to working media and how much is going to the publishers that make up EMX’s marketplace of directly sourced premium inventory.

The Transparent Marketplace Advantage

Spend Efficiently

Direct as much of your spend as possible toward winning high-value inventory.

Higher ROI

Accurately measure the performance of your ad spend and maximize ROAS with complete visibility into fees taken in the programmatic supply chain.

Equal Opportunity for All

Know the true value of the inventory you’re purchasing and the actual cost of reaching your target consumers—no hidden fees or non-transparent barriers.

Scale Across Your Target Audience

Reach the audiences that matter with hundreds of custom premium inventory packages.


Real People, Dedicated Help

Lean on EMX to troubleshoot and optimize campaigns on a daily basis.

Transparent Marketplace Features

full programmatic transparency

Full Transparency

Negotiate an upfront buy-side fee to remove associated supply-side transaction fees.

custom advertising packages

Custom Packages

Leverage over 50+ vertical and viewability packages specific to your industry.

secure ecosystems

Secure Ecosystem

Access over 13,000 directly-integrated, Ads.txt-enabled publisher domains.

Third party Verification partners

Superior Third-Party Partners

Ensure benchmarks and performance indicators are optimized towards third-party measurement standards.