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Personal Support in Managing Your Daily Ad Campaign Needs.

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Simplify your

With EMX Full Service we do the heavy lifting for you. Our dedicated Account Managers handle your daily needs—from setting up benchmarks to day-to-day performance management and optimization—so you can save time and resources while maximizing your ROI.

The Full Service Advantage

Double Your Viewability

We offer 2x the industry average viewability on verified inventory so you can make sure your ads are seen.

Always Be Learning

Stay at the forefront of the digital ad landscape with advice and guidance from our expert Account Managers.

Focus On What Matters

We navigate the marketplace and optimize your campaigns across distribution channels, so you can focus your time and resources where they’re needed the most.

Gain Transparency

Our verification partners—DoubleVerify, IAS and MOAT—ensure quality and provide a 360-degree overview of your inventory.

Relevant Inventory

We combine the right metrics (pre-bid and post-bid viewability, invalid traffic rate, fraud impressions, and more) so you can ensure your ads are in the right place at the right time.

Stay Informed

We deliver daily, weekly, and monthly insight reports about your campaign performances.

Full Service Features

Audience targeting

Audience Targeting

We combine audience, geolocation, behavioral, contextual, and device-location data to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time

OLV ad display distribution

OLV & Display Distribution

We work with agency partners to develop custom, cutting edge strategies and execution tactics designed to ensure campaign performance.

advertising units

High Impact Ad Units

We manage the creation and execution of dynamic units of all shapes, sizes, and functions.

advertising performance attribution

Performance Attribution

We work with industry-leading attribution partners to show overall ROAS, foot traffic, and other desired campaign goals.

campaign analytics

Analytics On Demand

We create daily, weekly, and monthly reports that dive into performance measurements and attributions.

ad formats

Cutting Edge Ad Formats

We give your ads the attention they deserve with our growing selection of the most up-to-date ad formats and placement options.

Multi-Screen Creative

Connected TV

Run non-skippable ads across on-demand TV content and 8 million+ OTT devices by leveraging industry-leading partners for ACR (automatic content recognition) targeting.


Use real-time TV viewing data to reach tune-in viewers and precisely retarget your ad campaigns.

Native Solutions

Run non-intrusive, user-friendly ads on premium inventory across all devices.

Relevant Targeting


Place your longform video ads as thumbnails alongside any video content relevant to your campaign message.


Use geolocation data like store visitation, increases and decreases in place behavior, and locale history to retarget your campaign towards a more relevant audience.

Sequential Messaging

Drive meaningful engagement across multiple formats and channels by capturing users with a 100% video completion rate.

Data - All in one place (GDPR Compliant)

Vision: Our data visualization tool

Access real-time insights from multiple locations in one centralized place for activation across all channels (Video, Mobile, Display etc.).

Answers: Our proprietary panel of 200M+ users across 500M+ devices

Build first-party data around purchase behaviors, visualize brand lift, foot traffic and sales lift.

Bring your own data (OR USE OURS)

Onboard your data through LiveRamp, Adobe, Oracle or Lotame. Unlock audiences and insights from other partners like ORC, Vizio (TV viewing data), and MasterCard for a 360-degree view of the inventory being bought.