The Only Hybrid Header Bidding Wrapper Providing Full Control and Transparency.

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More control.
More revenue.

BiddRº360 is the only all-in-one hybrid header bidding wrapper providing full control and transparency. Its intuitive Control Center gives you real-time control of your header bidding wrapper, removing dependency on developers and engineers. With BiddRº360, you can leverage client-side, server-side and hybrid auctions with the click of a button, connecting you to the highest bidders—every time.

The BiddRº360 Advantage

Be in Control

BiddRº360’s intuitive Control Center gives you full control of your header bidding wrapper. With BiddRº360, you can adjust your ad stack in real-time and immediately capitalize on new opportunities.

Get More Done

With BiddRº360, your days of depending on engineering and development teams are over. Our human-centered design and simple click-and-drag functionality makes it easy for anyone to use.

Set It All

BiddRº360’s Reporting Dashboard gives you all the metrics you need—providing detailed reporting on every demand partner you integrate—all in one intuitive UI

Real-Time Diagnosis

Our Ad Inspector tool lets you see and diagnose page performance from a latency, revenue, and quality perspective—all in real-time.


Smart, Strategic Service

Our team of industry experts give you smart, strategic, personalized service. With our guidance, implementation is seemless. Our team is always ready to answer your questions, provide daily feedback, and help you improve your performance.

BiddRº360 Features

Header Bidding Auctions

Auction Anywhere

BiddRº360 provides three auction options to fit your specific needs:

Client Side

Our Client Side option allows you to host header bidding auctions directly on your site. You can tweak ad units and demand side partners on your page, enabling maximum transparency and easy access to your setup.

Server Side (BiddR Cloud)

BiddR Cloud enables you to host header bidding auctions within the EMX server. This reduces latency and increases bid-request competition with more demand side partners to drive maximum yield.

Hybrid Auctions

With Hybrid Auctions, you can use a combination of both Client and Server Side options, so you can optimize the performance of your demand side partners in real-time.

advertising control center

Control Center

BiddRº360’s Control Center is a home base for easily creating and updating your bidder files in real-time.

ad inspector

Ad Inspector

BiddRº360’s Ad Inspector provides you with real-time data into what’s happening on your page, including response time, auction winners and losers, yield performance and more.

advertising dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

BiddRº360’s Reporting Dashboard gives you a holistic, customizable overview of your header bidding performance for each ad partner running within BiddRº360. This includes high-level metrics like revenue, ad renders, eCPMs, time outs, bid rates, and many more.

click and drag functionality

Click-and-Drag Functionality

BiddRº360’s click-and-drag functionality makes navigating and customizing your Control Center simple.

account support

Account Support

Our dedicated support team is always on hand. We’ll answer your questions, guide your strategy, and make suggestions to improve performance.

Your Revenue.
Your Way.

Self Service

Take full control of your header bidding wrapper with support from our expert Account Managers when you need it.

Managed Service

Full control with personalized service. Our dedicated Account Managers are here to help you every step of the way.

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