Crowdsourcing Your Questions to 500MM Consumers.

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One question.
Endless answers.

Answers, part of our Vision suite, is our survey-based tool that lets you ask your most crucial marketing questions to our database of 500MM consumers. Our team then delivers you actionable data in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard. With this, you can gain a holistic overview of your audience, increase brand lift, and build unique and lookalike model segments to reach your perfect consumer.

The Answers Advantage

Unlock New Audiences

Answers reports on granular, actionable data—from audience segment and geolocation to device and historical performance—so you can discover valuable new audiences.

Reach Niche Audiences

Utilize Answers to create bespoke behavioral segments—modeled off your Answers survey respondents—so you can reach niche audiences.

Validate Current Audiences

Answers delivers a holistic overview of your audience profile, so you can challenge ideas about your current target and refine your marketing strategy.

Reveal Your Brand Perception

Use Answers to tap into our database of 500MM consumers, so you can discover how your brand is perceived through the eyes of your target audience.

Gain Competitive Insight

Answers reveals unique, in-depth data points, so you can gain competitive insight and leap ahead of the competition.

Work With Experts

Our experts will work with you to craft the perfect question, so you receive the data most profitable to your business growth.


advertising dashboard


The Answers dashboard is simple, easy-to-use, and gives you a holistic overview of your results.

custom campaign reports


Answers reports are customizable to your KPIs and provide you with audience segment, geolocation, device, and historical performance data.



All Answers data is actionable and can be leveraged for current and upcoming EMX full service campaigns.