30M: Igniting Growth

Case Study

We launched a fast-growing company into hyper speed.

The Challenge

Get stagnant revenue flowing again.

The Solution

Full visibility, full control.

The Results

Drove 21% increase in overall CPMs.


The Challenge

30M is one of the world’s fastest growing independent media and entertainment companies.

30M was creating a new portfolio of media sites. Dissatisfied with their Prebid revenue flow, 30M wanted to reinvent their header bidding solution to ensure revenue was flowing in at full capacity.

The Solution

Full Visibility

We worked with 30M to tailor BiddR°360’s Reporting Dashboard to give them all their important metrics — all in one place. Their holistic overview of metrics—from demand partner render and response rates to ad server and demand partner performance data—now enables 30M to quickly identify partners positively and negatively impacting campaigns.

Full Control

We worked with 30M to craft a strategy around their data.

30M can now use BiddR°360's intuitive design to create custom timeouts for optimal bidding levels. They can apply BiddR°360’s click-and-drag Control Center features to customize their header bidding stack and make real-time strategy improvements—without depending on developers and coders.

With full visibility and control of their header bidding solution, 30M can quickly customize their experience to create in-the-moment strategies and maximize revenue.

The Results

BiddR°360 surpassed expectations with:


increase in new site CPMs


increase in overall CPM levels


increase in partner revenue for Pubmatic


increase in response and render rates

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