“Programmatic exchanges are all the same.”

Constant Evolution in Marketing Technology

EMX continues to push the boundaries of what should be expected from a programmatic exchange – constantly improving the industry for marketers, publishers and platform partners by offering end-to-end managed service, proprietary monetization tools and patented technology advancements that increase speed, transparency and efficiency while decreasing latency and waste.
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“There are some hurdles to programmatic efficiency we just have to live with.”

EMX owns multiple patents that have jumped those hurdles.

EMX is a solution-focused marketing technology company. We are driven by the understanding that the digital media ecosystem must always be evolving and improving its ability to deliver real value without limitations. Our world-class engineering and product development teams are constantly rethinking ways to solve both current challenges and those that have not yet arisen.

As an example, EMX’s proprietary exchange platform, RTBx, is built around a number of patented technology developments designed to provide a competitive edge in infrastructure cost, auction dynamics, and user data processing, as well as delivery speeds and page efficiencies.
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“In today’s digital media ecosystem, there is no way to offer programmatic buyers a completely transparent pricing model.”

But there is. And we were the first.

EMX’s Transparent Marketplace (TMP) offers advertisers full upfront visibility into the cost of each transaction, allowing them to more efficiently identify and purchase quality inventory and secure better return on investment.

By removing the fees and barriers usually imposed in the transaction, EMX is able to offer a mutually beneficial solution for both advertisers and publishers, increasing win rates, fill rates, and general performance across the board and for all parties.
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“Integrating an Advanced TV strategy into my Linear TV plan is too difficult.”

We've already done the heavy lifting.

The rapid rise in adoption of the ‘cord-cutting’ lifestyle has brought about a real fragmentation of the once homogenous linear TV audience – leaving advertisers to navigate the evolving ‘Wild West’ that is the Advanced TV landscape.

EMX understands that it isn’t YOUR job to understand the nuances between Addressable TV, Connected TV, Over-The-Top TV, Full Episode Players, and the rest of the ever-growing Advanced TV options. Let us show you how to re-unify the TV audience landscape – as we seamlessly weave together a comprehensive TV/video strategy that optimizes across platform, hardware and format.
Advanced TV is part of our full service solution. We promise to make it easy.

“There’s no good one-stop-shop for monetizing my inventory that also gives me transparency and control.”

Gain full control of your ad stack and monetization strategy with our solutions for publishers.

Unsatisfied with the supply management systems available to publishers, in 2015 the EMX leadership team conceived and built its own suite of header bidding products (adaptors and wrappers) designed to easily and seamlessly integrate into a publisher’s content structure and provide 100% inventory monetization across channels, including desktop, video and mobile.

BiddR Connect provides publishers seamless access to EMX’s marketplace of unique demand to increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximize revenue across all demand partners.

BiddRº360 is the only all-in-one hybrid header bidding wrapper providing full control and transparency.
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“There’s no easy way to build a pool of quality 1st party data for my campaign.”

That used to be true. But Answers™ is, well, your answer.

Answers™ is our survey-based tool that lets you ask your most crucial marketing questions to our database of 500MM consumers. Our team delivers actionable data in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard. With Answers™, you gain a holistic overview of your audience, increase brand lift, and build unique and lookalike model segments to reach your perfect consumer.

Answers™ delivers a holistic overview of your audience profile, so you can challenge ideas about your current target and refine your marketing strategy.
Stop guessing and get real insight from a pool of 500MM consumers.

“Cross-screen message sequencing isn’t ready for prime time.”

EMX's data-centric, cross-screen solution is well ahead of the curve.

ScreenSync™ amplifies your broadcast TV, cable, and connected TV buys across your target audience’s personal devices. The one-two punch of your TV spots, 1:1 retargeted across your audience’s digital screen activity, provides a tremendous amount of ad amplification, recall, and action-inducing behavior.

ScreenSync™ accesses 6MM+ third party provider profiles, 8MM+ smart TV connections, and 100MM+ CTV profiles. With our data modeling, clients can reach nearly 1B targetable devices for scale.
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“It is challenging to integrate a quality local-marketing strategy at a large scale.”

EMX's local marketing cloud platform, Balihoo™, makes it easy.

Balihoo™ delivers the power and performance of locally targeted, locally tailored ad messaging (mobile and desktop) at the scale and efficiency of a national campaign.

Balihoo™ runs as a stand-alone campaign or as part of full-funnel buy, inclusive of national display and/or video targeting. It’s also compatible with the same third-party ad measurement, tracking and audience targeting capabilities as national EMX display buys.
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“Private marketplaces can’t evolve to meet changing industry needs.”

EMX marketing technology is constantly evolving. And that includes our PMP offering.

PMPs first showed up on the programmatic radar as a way to hedge the scalability of an open marketplace with the selectivity of direct buys. Over the years, however, the continually evolving digital media landscape left the static PMP model behind and it has begun to show its age, leaving campaigns plagued by hurdles and traders overwhelmed with the number of deals they are running and the number of supply partners they are using.

At EMX, we have rethought and upgraded every aspect of our Private Marketplace offering. From limiting the number of qualified deals we run at any given time and refreshing all PMP campaign protocols, to developing patented tech-based solutions that allow our PMP deals to dynamically optimize against client KPIs on the fly.
We've rewritten the playbook on PMP. Have a look.

“Technology exchange platforms don’t offer full-service campaign executions.”

[raising our hand] We do!

EMX Full Service does the heavy lifting for you. Our dedicated Account Managers handle your daily needs—from setting up benchmarks to day-to-day performance management and optimization—saving you time and resources while maximizing your ROI. We navigate the marketplace and optimize your campaigns across distribution channels so you can focus your time and resources where they’re needed the most.
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Evolution vs. 'Conventional Wisdom'
"That's the way it's always been done" too often solidifies into conventional wisdom. Wider vision gets stifled. Challenges and hurdles become chains that bind, preventing evolution and new ideas that would solve problems. At EMX, evolution is in our core. Hurdles become markers that prompt us to create new solutions. We develop patented technology which reimagines the programmatic landscape. We let go of old assumptions and patterns that constrain. When conventional wisdom says something is too difficult or cannot be done, we disagree. About EMX